'Baptism is the first word of grace spoken over us by the Church'

Baptism or Christening (same thing), is a symbolic ceremony using water to show the washing away of sin. 'But my baby is perfect, and she's never done anything wrong', I hear you say, and that is why baptism is only done once, as it covers the person all of their life. For things we do wrong in our future, only known to God. These things will also be washed away (forgiven), when we turn away from doing those wrong things and ask for forgiveness then don't do or say those things again.

God will forgive us every time we ask, but we take ourselves further from the heaven on earth each time we sin. So each time we ask for forgiveness, God does so and that heals the relationship between us...that is what being righteous is - being in a right (good) relationship with God.

Young children have these promises made for them on behalf of their parent/s or guardians. As such a Child's baptism is a start to a relationship with God, through knowing Jesus in the power of Holy Spirit (God within us). 

This relationship with God is grown in the nurturing environment of the Church. A place to learn about what God says to us in the bible. Within this loving relationship with God, there also grows loving relationships between the people. This is why people are baptized into a Church, so they can share and be surrounded by the living embodyment of God on earth - Christians.

To be set free from things we do wrong, we need Gods grace to forgive us because God is not compelled to do anything other than his will (what God wants). This graceful forgiveness was made possible by God himself. Jesus (who was and is innocent) was killed by people's actions, but Jesus came back to life, which is what God wants for all of us - to have new life, set free from what we do wrong (sin).

If all this is difficult to understand don't worry your not alone, no one can fully understand God (or they would be God). But God gave us the bible, a book of 66 books combined together written by many different people. To help us learn about who God is and who we are. This takes a lifetime! However long that is.


There are NO charges for a baptism. If you would like to leave a donation it will be gratefully received via the website or in the Church.

Baptism Certificates issued at the time of Baptism ...£17

Baptism Certificates issued later .............................................£34

As a parent or godparent you should ask yourself:

Are you prepared to the best of your ability to give the child a Christian upbringing within the family of Christ's Church?

Will you help the child to be regular in public worship and in prayer, not only by your teaching but also by your example and your prayers?

Will you encourage the child in due time to come to Confirmation and Communion?

Details of your baptism request will be confirmed by phone or email. There is a preperation meeting on the Wednesday at 6:30pm before the Sunday of the baptism at Holy Trinity Church Pelton. This is to help you understand what will happen on the day and to get to know the Church. If possible the people being baptised, the parents/guardians and God parents should attend this meeting.